Training Services

At The Rough House we offer any individual, no matter their age or level of physical capability, the tools necessary for them to be able to accomplish any fitness goal they have. From being able to complete their first Spartan Race or Tough Mudder, to losing a few lbs. and fitting into that old dress from college, our training staff has the knowledge and instruments to get you there.


Partner training

Do you require a little extra motivation or financial support from a family member or friend? Did a buddy talk you into signing up for one of these crazy races and you’d like to train for it together? Then partner training may be better suited for you. Get the same intensity and detail-oriented workouts but with a partner in crime.


Obstacle Course Training

Our trainers are not only nationally certified, but also Spartan SGX Certified Coaches. This means they can properly train you to not only become more physically fit, but get you prepared to run those grueling obstacle course races. Basic exercise training just isn’t equipped to prepare you for that bear crawl under barbed wire or that hand ripping rope climb. This specialized form of training focuses on skills necessary to complete a race, such as grip strength, multiple forms of conditioning, and mental toughness. From proper weightlifting form, body weight exercises, nutrition, and even what you should be wearing for your race, we have all bases covered. Let us better prepare you with our advanced obstacle course training facility and personnel.

Personal Training

Not planning on running a 3-mile race through the woods and mud? Just want to build some strength, lose a few lbs., or feel a little better? We offer standard personal training, too. All our trainers have multiple years of experience working with clients of all ages and capabilities. You don’t need to be an aspiring athlete to benefit from the training we offer.

Our programming takes cues from top weight loss, muscle building, and athletic training programs. Our approach starts with the basics and slowly builds from the ground up. We don't believe in fixating on one form of exercise. To us, it's not about running the fastest 5K or lifting the heaviest weight. In order to get in the best shape possible, you need to engage in multiple types of training, such as stability, endurance, strength, power, and performance. Build a more well-rounded body with personal training at The Rough House!



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